Amadou Gaye

Amadou arrived to the Gambia 14 years ago. A family member taught him the profession for 3 years in Gambia. Many Senegalese artisans come to the Gambia because it is easier to find and collect the materials (wood, coconut, etc.). After three years of training in Gambia, he went back to Senegal to visit his parents and during this time he participated in a competition for artists, that he won. He is convinced that he can turn into a sculpture any design you bring him. He has 6 children in the Gambia and 1 living in Senegal. Unlike most people, he did not teach his children because he wants them to concentrate in school before being distracted by anything else. However, he is teaching his younger brother. Every Ramadan he goes to Senegal and stays with his parents, now only his mother, since his father passed away.

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