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Dagnon Sabin

The shop where he works belonged to his father, and he inherited it when he died. He is an art dealer selling all kinds of objects. During his 10 years working in the field, he was travelled around Africa looking for treasures, with the help of his older brother. It breaks his heart that his children are not interested in the profession, but he prefers them to look for alternative professional fields. Although he loves his work and the beauty of the African culture, he admits it is a difficult profession and the current situation does not provide too many joys, so he does not want his children suffering the same problems.

Garba Dima

After 32 years working, he knows quite a bit. He works with contemporary objects and antiques and his son is also in the business. He goes to school but helps him on weekends. His grandfather was the first (still alive in their home village) and after his father and now him. He hopes his son will replace him when he’s too tired to continue.

Bienvenu Tehou

This art dealer was impressed with the arts and he started working in the field. No family member worked before him, it was passion that brought him to this world. His children will decide whatever they want to do. Sometimes they come and help him, and one of them currently works with him because he could not find another job.