Djibril Seidou

This 37-year-old artisan and trader, father of 2 children, was born in Cotonou. His father had 3 wives and never interfered in his children’s choices. Djibril considers himself a painter and batique specialist, after a 3-year training to obtain this qualification. He inherited the love for antiques from his grandfather, who taught him all he knows. He puts passion in what he does and loves his profession, though he considers most Benin citizens would rather have major studies. He hopes the government will start acting regarding the investment in culture. For the moment, they have presented interesting ideas, but they need to put their money where their mouths are. His small workshop in the crafts market is full of treasures that he has collected himself, visiting small villages in the upcountry and talking to the families. This people have sometimes kept these treasures in their family for decades, as a symbol of their history. Asked about the African art, he says: “the peoples of Africa have always exchanged their cultures and this is reflected in our art.”

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